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Barn home needed

Male & Female

1.5 years

Shy independant sweeties

Here we have Meg and Brian. These two siblings have been in our care for a year now and are in desperate need for a barn home or a home with the right people who will give them time to open up and be themselves outside of a shelter. (no children or dogs) These two are quite shy and don't really care for human interaction. However we think they have huge potential to be cuddly cats with time and patience. They have definitely come a long way behaviour wise since first coming onto our site. From being hissy and jumpy to tolerating and accepting pats this is very good progress. If you or anyone you know could give them a suitable loving home please fill out a form and come and meet them today

Fill out our adoption application form if you think you might have found your furever friend.

All our kittens and cats are litter box trained and unless otherwise specified they have completed their essential vet care.

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