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1.5 yrs

Attention hog!!!!

Introducing Oscar. Approximately a year and a half and he is so much fun! Just like the title said, Oscar is an attention seeker. If you would like a little shadow then he is the perfect fit for you. He looks a little grumpy but that's just his resting face, he is an absolute sweetheart. I guess you could call him a bit of a catfish…… Oscar has been in our care for a long time now so we would really love for him to find his forever humans. He is an absolute cuddle bug and really cannot get enough pats. He is good with other cats, unsure how he would be with dogs and children. He is a loud boy so i'm sure he wouldn't mind a little noise. Let's get Oscar a home!!!!

Fill out our adoption application form if you think you might have found your furever friend.

All our kittens and cats are litter box trained and unless otherwise specified they have completed their essential vet care.

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